On Becoming a Real Man

Amazing thoughts

Skylar Kergil

On Becoming a Real Man
– essay written May 2013

Becoming a man could be so simple; there are religious ceremonies, puberty, and father-to-son heart to hearts than can instantly propel a boy, like myself, into manhood. Or possibly it will be the moment I get a real job, get married, and have a kid. Or perhaps it was earlier, when I signed that line to register for the selective service. But where and when does the “real” come into play? Regardless, I seemed to have chosen the most unconventional way of asserting my manhood (God bless my Mom and Dad at the time). Real or not, here I come.

“So when did you know?” I am asked frequently. “How did you know?” Another popular one as well. “When did you come out?” As if there was only one time (the most recent of which is right now!). “If you…

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